Canva Internship Summer 2023 Program for High School

High school and college students who are willing to intern for an Australian graphic design company that gives their interns plenty of opportunities to build valuable skills, engage with new technologies, and make meaningful connections, be sure to apply for the latest Canva Internship. Interns here have access to world-class mentors and instructors who are passionate about providing support as they grow professionally. A few of the programs that are currently available include Canva PH, Designer, Summer Internship, Graduate Program, and many more. Whether you are residing in Australia, the Philippines, or anywhere in the world, you can apply for these Canva jobs for students and also get to work from home for some of the jobs that this company offers. Therefore, those seeking practical experience in graphic design and the ever-evolving digital industry should consider interning here as the experience here is unmatched!

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Canva Internship | Work From Home Jobs For Undergraduates

Canva Internship

About Canva

Canva is an Australian Graphic Design company that has revolutionized the design industry and provides easy-to-use tools and templates to help aspiring designers create visually appealing artwork. It features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface with a library of images, graphics, fonts, and color palettes, making it accessible to even those new to the field. By utilizing Canvas’s professional editing tools, users can quickly create custom visuals for their blog, business website, or any other project that requires beautifully designed graphics. The company also offers resources on branding principles and how to craft powerful visual stories, all of which lend greater depth to any organizational marketing or brand identity strategy. It was founded in 2012 by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams, and today comprises more than 100 million users. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the company employs over 2,000 people and comprises 5 subsidiaries, i.e., Pixabay, Pexels,, Smartmockups, and Flourish.

Eligibility Criteria:

The 12-week Canva internships offer a unique opportunity to develop professional skills, network with industry veterans, and make a real difference. The eligibility requirements for participation in one of these internships are simple yet comprehensive. Candidates must have completed high school and be eligible to work in their desired location at the time of internship enrollment. Additionally, applicants should have obtained satisfactory academic results and partake in extracurricular activities that may help boost their chances of acceptance. Canva’s selection committee also considers demonstrated skills relevant to the position being applied for.

Available Programs:

  • Social Media Assistant / Social Media Intern
  • Software Engineer Intern
  • Marketing and Communications Intern
  • Part Time – Student – Co-Op Summer Internship (Any Major)
  • Marketing Intern, ClubProcure / Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • Event Coordinator (Internship)
  • NeighborWorks Marketing Specialist
  • Innovative Ventures Intern
  • Innovation Consulting Internship, Sustainability
  • Marketing Internship
  • FY23 – ProjectMATCH Internship
  • Summer Naturalist Intern
  • 2023 Partnerships & Marketing Internship (PAID)
  • 2023 Summer Internships in Aspen, CO
  • Board Engagement Intern (Paid)
  • Adjunct Instructor- CLASS Internship
  • Student Programming, Government and Ambassadors
  • Internship – Product Operations
  • Intern, Design
  • Foundation Intern – Children’s of Alabama
  • GSSA for Rackham Development, Fall 2023
  • Academic Assistant I

Details of the Internship:

  • Country: Worldwide
  • Company: Canva Inc.
  • Academic Discipline: MBA / Undergraduate / Ph.D.

Canva Internship Interview Questions:

The best way to prepare for a Canva internship interview is to ensure that you are well-prepared in advance. Understanding the company’s culture, mission, values, and products and services will help you prepare. Additionally, thinking through common questions such as “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” or “How did you handle a difficult situation in the past?” can help ensure that you provide thorough yet brief answers on the day of the interview. Furthermore, doing some research into typical interviews for their internships can give you more insights into what questions to expect and when it may be best to ask certain questions.

Canva Internship Salary:

Depending on the specific role and responsibilities, Canva interns are paid an internship salary of either $27 per hour or up to $200 a week.

How to Apply for the Canva Internship?

Applying for the Canva Internship is relatively simple as you can easily begin the process by first clicking the “Apply Here” button below and then viewing the available internships on its official career page. After selecting an appropriate program based on your preferences, click the “Apply Now” button to open the internship application form. Here, you will need to enter basic personal information such as your name and contact details along with uploading a resume, and educational certificates, as well as entering additional details about your educational background and work experience, etc., if required. Once all of this information has been entered, applicants can proceed to submit the application form. Finally, wait for a response from the employer with further instructions.

Last Date to Apply:

There are different deadlines for each program.

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Available Internships of Canva
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