Commonwealth Internship Summer 2023 for High School Students

If you would like to understand the inner workings of many public and private sector organizations and have the chance to participate in think tanks, develop strategies, and interact with a variety of stakeholders, do not hesitate to apply for the latest Commonwealth Internship. Applying for this program can be an extremely rewarding experience as interns here are given meaningful tasks that contribute to important research initiatives and enable them to develop their skills while learning various methodologies that different organizations use. As part of the internship society, there are currently many programs available such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs Internships, Diplomat Internship, Summer Internship, etc. In addition, we have shared the complete details in this article as well as grant requirements for Commonwealth countries’ candidates. Therefore, be sure to make the most of this opportunity by reviewing the further details available below.

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Commonwealth Foundation Internship for Undergraduates

Commonwealth Internship


About Commonwealth of Nations

Founded on December 11, 1931, by the British Empire and the UK Parliament, the Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of 56 independent countries, mostly former colonies of the British Empire. There are a number of member countries of this organization spread across all six continents of the globe, with a combined population estimated to be 2.4 billion people which is about one-third of the world’s population. English and French are the official languages of this organization, whereas, it also has other secondary languages such as Punjabi, Italian, Spanish, German, and more. The purpose of the Commonwealth includes promoting democracy, international cooperation, and respect for cultural diversity among its members. Its programs also promote economic growth and social reform to provide better living conditions for citizens of its member states. Headquartered in Marlborough House, London, Ms. Patricia Janet Scotland is its Secretary-General.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Commonwealth Foundation Internship is an excellent opportunity for aspiring career-minded individuals to gain invaluable experience and understanding of national organizations. In order to be eligible, applicants must demonstrate leadership potential, meet educational requirements, and show commitment to the values and objectives of the Commonwealth. Eligible candidates for the internship program include recent graduates with degrees in public policy, international development, or related fields, as well as individuals with at least two years of professional experience in relevant fields.

Available Programs:

  • Commonwealth Bank Internship
  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office Summer Internship
  • VCU Dietetic Internship
  • Fund Internship
  • Stem Industry Internship Program
  • Care Alliance Summer Internship
  • Secretariat Internships
  • Financial Network Internship
  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarships
  • Graduate Internship Programme
  • PA Internships for Undergraduates
  • Physician Assistant Internships
  • Graduate & Summer Intern Program – CommBank
  • Public Policy Internship
  • Communications Internship
  • Government Affairs Internship
  • Development Internship
  • COL Internship Programme (CIP) – Commonwealth of Learning
  • Commonwealth of PA Internships
  • Legal Intern (6 months) – Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Young Professionals Programme (London based)

Details of the Internship:

  • Country: Worldwide
  • Organization: Commonwealth of Nations
  • Company Type: Private
  • Academic Discipline: MBA / Undergraduate / Ph.D.

Commonwealth Internship Interview Questions:

In order to prepare for your internship interview with the Commonwealth, it is important to know what questions you may be asked. Some common questions include inquiries about what motivated you to pursue this position, why you should be chosen, and how your particular expertise can benefit the Commonwealth. Also, prepare answers that outline the previous experiences that made you knowledgeable in certain areas and how those experiences will help further the mission of the organization.

Commonwealth Internship Salary:

At the Commonwealth, aspiring interns receive a competitive salary of $31,410 per year which results in affording them financial security while they take their career paths to the next level.

How to Apply for the Commonwealth Internship?

Applying for the Commonwealth Internship is an easy process that begins with candidates completing an online application form. Applicants should ensure that all relevant information, including contact details, education, work history, and references, are accurately entered into the form. Additionally, all necessary documents including CVs and other supporting materials such as job references should be submitted when requested. Finally, applicants must supply two character references from a supervisor or professor at the workplace where they have recently worked. During the final phase of the application process, potential interns will be required to attend interviews to discuss their qualifications and experience with relevant program staff.

Last Date to Apply:

  • Spring Session: November 1
  • Summer Session: March 1
  • Fall Session: June 1

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