European Union Internship 2023 Latest Traineeships

If you would you like to become part of a supranational political and economic union that offers a memorable experience for those interested in international relations and politics, be sure to submit your application for the latest European Union Internship. Interns here are placed in a variety of departments, including the Parliament, the Council of the Union, and the European Commission. Some of the opportunities here include Traineeship, Summer Program, and many more. Whether you are residing in Kenya, Russia, Spain, Italy, the UK, or anywhere in the world, these internships in Europe for international students and locals are fully funded. We have shared the complete application tips in this article along with the internship timeline and salary details. Therefore, apply now as this opportunity will allow you to learn about the operations of the EU and develop a better understanding of its policies.

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European Union Internship Summer Program 2023 fully funded

European Union Internship


About European Union

The European Union is an economic and political partnership of 27 Member States spanning most of Europe and was created in the aftermath of the Second World War. The first steps were to foster economic cooperation, i.e., to make countries economically interdependent and less likely to engage in conflict in the future. Over time, the EU has grown to become an ever-more important player on the global stage and is now a major trading partner, aid donor, and diplomatic force. As its original purpose, the EU continues to promote peace and stability and work towards common goals in areas such as trade, environment, and security. Currently, it has a highly developed legal system with its own currency, parliament, and central bank and has become a significant player in areas such as development, culture, justice, and home affairs.

Eligibility Criteria:

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re interested in applying for the EU Internships. First of all, you should be a citizen of an EU member state and you should have completed at least three years of university-level studies. In addition, to be eligible for internships at EU institutions, you should be proficient in one of the official languages of the EU and between the ages of 18 and 30. Interns are typically expected to work full-time for a period of two to six months and preference will be given to those who have never participated in an internship before.

Available Programs:

Following are some of the latest European Union Internships that are currently available.

  • Traineeships in the EU Institutions
  • Spring 2023 Program
  • Internships at the European Parliament Office in Washington DC
  • Council of the European Union – Paid Traineeships
  • Human Resources Intern
  • Communication Intern
  • Information and Communication Technologies Intern
  • Competition Law Intern
  • Environmental Policy Intern
  • External Relations Intern
  • Development Policy Intern
  • Traineeships – EUSPA
  • Traineeships – ECHA
  • European Committee of the Regions: Study visits for government officials
  • Court of Justice
  • Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking Internship
  • Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking Internship
  • Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) Internship
  • Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking Internship
  • Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking Internship
  • Innovative Health Initiative Joint Undertaking (IHI JU) Internship
  • The Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking Internship
  • Council of the European Union Internship
  • European Court of Auditors Internship
  • Authority for European Political Parties and European Political Foundations Internship
  • EU institutions Internship
  • European Cybersecurity Competence Centre Internship
  • European Council Internship
  • European Parliament Internship
  • Ombudsman Internship
  • Data Protection Supervisor Intern
  • Committee of the Regions Internship
  • European Investment Fund (EIF) Internship
  • Economic and Social Committee Internship
  • Central Bank Internship
  • External Action Service Internship
  • Investment Bank Internship
  • Education and Culture Executive Agency Internship
  • Research Executive Agency Internship
  • Climate, Infrastructure, and Environment Executive Agency Internship
  • Health and Digital Executive Agency Internship
  • Border and Coast Guard Agency Internship
  • EU delegations Internship
  • Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation Internship
  • Agency for Law Enforcement Training Internship
  • European Union Agency for the Space Programme Internship
  • European Union Agency for Cybersecurity Internship
  • European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA) Internship
  • Agency for Support for BEREC (BEREC Office) Internship
  • European Union Agency for Railways Internship
  • European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation Internship
  • European Research Council Executive Agency Internship
  • Joint Research Centre Internship
  • Labour Authority Internship
  • Institute for Gender Equality Internship
  • Defence Agency Internship
  • Medicines Agency Internship
  • Union Institute for Security Studies Internship
  • Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction Internship
  • Single Resolution Board Internship
  • Food Safety Authority Internship
  • Banking Authority Internship
  • Environment Agency Internship
  • Maritime Safety Agency Internship
  • Aviation Safety Agency Internship
  • Community Plant Variety Office Internship
  • Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Internship
  • Securities and Markets Authority Internship
  • Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority Internship
  • Agency for Safety and Health at Work Internship
  • European Union Satellite Centre Internship
  • European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights Internship
  • New Energy World Joint Undertaking, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen for Sustainability Internship
  • Joint Undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy Internship
  • Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
  • European Union Intellectual Property Office Internship
  • Public Prosecutor’s Office Internship
  • Institute of Innovation and Technology Internship
  • Fisheries Control Agency Internship
  • Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership Internship
  • European Chemicals Agency Internship
  • European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training Internship
  • Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union Internship
  • Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators Internship

Details of the Internship:

  • Country: Worldwide
  • Organization: European Union
  • Organization Type: A Supranational Political and Economic Union of 27 Member States
  • Academic Discipline: MBA / Undergraduate / Ph.D.

European Union Internship Interview Questions:

When preparing for the student internships at European Union, it is important to research and understand the types of questions that the interviewer may ask. Possible topics could include your past experiences in terms of working or volunteering, why you believe you are qualified for the position, what skills or values you would bring to the role, or how you can contribute to the success of the European Union as a whole. Being prepared will increase your confidence and make a positive impression during your interview.

European Union Internship Salary:

By joining the paid internships at the EU, you can gain valuable experience in a dynamic political environment and learn about the operations of international organizations. Plus, you’ll be rewarded with an attractive salary of €14,404 per year which is amongst some of the highest rates available for an internship role.

How to Apply for the European Union Internship?

The European Union Internship Programme offers promising individuals the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the region and have their professional growth supported. Applying for an intern role (trainee) in this incredible program isn’t difficult, however, a strict application procedure is to be expected. To begin, interested parties must first complete a simple registration form in order to access their personal account page. On this page, candidates can upload their CVs and cover letter as well as fill out the internship application form within their chosen area of interest. Once all requested information has been provided, applicants will submit their application for official review by EU staff members. Finally, if accepted into the program, confirmation letters will be sent out with detailed instructions on the next steps and where interns must report on the first day of the program.

Last Date to Apply:

There are a variety of deadlines for applications depending on the program you are applying for.

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