Uber Internship Program 2023 for High School Students

If you would like to work for a technology company that offers a unique opportunity to learn about technological advances and see the inner workings of one of the most successful tech corporations in the world, be sure to apply for the latest Uber Internship. Working for this ridesharing company gives interns the opportunity to gain insight into engineering, product development, and internal operations through direct involvement across multiple departments. Some of the programs that are available for high school students include Star Internship, Fall & Summer Internship, Undergraduate Internships, and many more. In addition, you can pursue this opportunity in your preferred field of interest such as data science, marketing, legal, research, finance, product management, freight, UX, business, etc. Whether you want to become a Software Engineer Intern, SWE Intern, Data Analyst Intern, or any other role, this program has a high acceptance rate, so apply immediately!

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Uber Internship


About Uber Technologies, Inc.

Uber Technologies, Inc. is an American multinational ride-hailing company that is best known for its mobile app. Originally branded as UberCab, it was founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in San Francisco, California in 2009 and serves more than 118 million customers worldwide. This company has revolutionized the way people commute throughout cities around the world using just a few taps on their phones, making transportation convenient and affordable. As part of its mission to become a platform capable of achieving greater goals, its services also include food delivery through Uber Eats as well as a variety of ground transportation options, including freight trailer hauling and urban air taxis. The company generates a revenue of more than US$ 31.877 billion annually and comprises several subsidiaries such as Car Next Door, Careem, Cornershop, etc. It employs over 29,300 people and Mr. Ronald Sugar is its Chairman.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility criteria for the Uber Internships include a minimum of two (2) years’ experience in the related field, completion of at least a Bachelor’s degree, and general computer literacy with MS Office Suite proficiency. Additionally, having parallel knowledge of other dominant technologies is also a plus. Furthermore, interns should be less than 25 years and also have strong problem-solving and software development skills. Candidates should also demonstrate excellent communication skills, exceptional team-working abilities, and self-motivation to take on any new challenge that arises.

Available Programs:

Following are some of the Uber Careers Internship that is currently available.

  • MBA internship program
  • Emerging product leaders program
  • Operations and corporate internship program
  • Apprenticeship program
  • Internship and co-op programs
  • UberSTAR internship program
  • MBA Intern – Membership, UberEats APAC | Singapore
  • Frontend Software Intern
  • Backend Software Engineering Intern
  • PhD Research Software Engineer Internship
  • Summer Software Engineering Internship, Denmark
  • 2023 Summer Internship, London
  • Accounting Project Management Internship Program
  • PhD Applied Scientist Internship
  • Operations Intern, Belgium
  • Technical Program Manager, Intern
  • Global Strategy & Programs MBA Intern
  • Software Engineering Intern (PhD)
  • Operations Intern, Paris

Details of the Internship:

  • Country: Worldwide
  • Company: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Company Type: Private
  • Academic Discipline: MBA / Undergraduate / Ph.D.

Uber Internship Interview Questions:

Preparing for an interview for the Uber Internship Jobs can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to preparing for the questions that the interviewer may ask. In internship interviews, you are likely to be asked about your knowledge and experience in coding, analytics, and product design. You may also be asked about your approach to problem-solving and how you would develop solutions for customers. Additionally, an interviewer may ask about your ability to think critically and come up with creative ideas on the spot.

Uber Internship Salary:

Uber Interns are paid a competitive internship salary of $44.00 per hour or $7,627 per month, allowing internship holders to focus solely on learning while developing their skills relating to the position.

How to Apply for the Uber Internship?

If you want to apply for the Uber Internship, then you will need to complete an online internship application form on its official career portal. You will be asked to provide general information about yourself, your educational background, as well as majors or areas of interest that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Make sure all the information provided is accurate and up-to-date. After submitting the form, a recruiter will contact you with more details on how to move forward with your application. If requested, you may need to submit additional documents such as a copy of your most recent resume or a cover letter that highlights your skills and experience relevant to the role you are applying for. Now look for the available positions by clicking the “Apply Here” button below.

Last Date to Apply:

Depending on the position you wish to apply for, the deadline for submitting your application may differ.

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