UNHCR Internship Summer 2023 Program

If you are interested in joining a United Nations agency that offers an opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading organizations in the field of refugees, do not hesitate to submit your application for the most recent UNHCR Internship. The organization has a long history of advocating and protecting rights on a global scale and provides interns with a unique opportunity to learn how international organizations operate while providing them with an opportunity to develop skills, perspectives, and knowledge that shape refugee aid efforts throughout the world. Candidates residing all across the USA can apply for many available programs such as Traineeship, Legal Protection, Refugee Agency, Summer Internships, Humanitarian Internships, and more. In addition, interns have the opportunity to take advantage of international vacancies in a wide range of fields, including legal, finance, marketing, etc. So, if you are passionate about refugees and their rights, apply now!

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UNHCR Internship | Early Career Opportunities

UNHCR Internship


About United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is a specialized global agency that is dedicated to providing protection and support for persons who have been displaced due to civil war, persecution, or human rights-related issues. Established in 1950, the UNHCR works with Member and non-Member States, international organizations, and civil societies to develop standards and solutions for resettlement, repatriation, and guidance for peace development programs. Through various initiatives such as granting legal services, material aid programs, and emergency relief operations in conflict areas, this United Nations agency has helped hundreds of thousands of refugees build stable lives and regain their human dignity. The organization actively engages in public advocacy work as it strives to ensure that refugee rights are properly upheld across all nations worldwide. Mr. Filippo Grandi is its High Commissioner for Refugees, and both the United Nations General Assembly and Economic and Social Council are its parent organizations.

Eligibility Criteria:

If you are a recent graduate looking to gain meaningful experience in humanitarian work, then pursuing the UNHCR Internships could be the perfect opportunity for you. In order to be eligible for consideration, candidates must have completed two years of undergraduate study in a relevant field. Furthermore, it is essential that the applicant does not have any immediate relatives currently employed by UNHCR in a staff position. Thirdly, depending on the internship position, any special qualifications may also be required. Finally, all applications must include a CV and cover letter detailing relevant studies, work experience, or volunteer activities related to global development, human rights, or refugee protection initiatives.

Available Programs:

  • PPH Intern
  • Intern People and Wellbeing Learning and Development Unit
  • HR/Admin Intern
  • Pasantía de Protección – Comunicación con comunidades
  • Protection Intern
  • Legal Intern
  • Sustainable Supply Intern
  • Global Social Media Intern
  • Communications and Donor Relations Intern
  • ICT / Archivist Internship
  • Supply Intern
  • PI/Communications Intern
  • Internship with remuneration
  • Digital Fundraising Intern
  • Islamic Philanthropy Intern
  • PI Intern

Details of the Internship:

  • Country: Worldwide
  • Agency: UNHCR
  • Company Type: Private
  • Academic Discipline: MBA / Undergraduate / Ph.D.

UNHCR Internship Interview Questions:

Going into an interview with the UNHCR is a great opportunity, however, you will need to present yourself in the best light to show the organization why you would be an excellent addition. You can not only make your interviewer more impressed if you understand the key areas of focus and have thoughtful answers prepared, but you can also explain why bringing your unique skills and experiences into the role will be beneficial for them. The key to acing your internship interview with UNHCR is to provide meaningful responses based on your past accomplishments, your qualities as a leader, and any interesting experiences you’ve had that are related to what they do.

UNHCR Internship Salary:

Internships at UNHCR provide excellent financial opportunities to its interns in exchange for their services. Though paid internships are rare, the UNHCR internship salary makes this experience available to those interested in humanitarian and international development issues. With a yearly salary of $38,171, interns receive a stipend that covers expenses for meals, travel, and other needs associated with their internship activities. In addition to the internship pay, interns may also be eligible for an allowance to help further assist them in meeting the expense related to their placement.

How to Apply for the UNHCR Internship?

Applying for the UNHCR Internship is a detailed process that requires effort and commitment, but the rewards are greater. The application form can be accessed at UNHCR’s official website, where applicants will also find all the necessary information to seamlessly complete the application process. Before submitting any documents, applicants should make sure they have read through thoroughly what is required in the application form listed on the website. Furthermore, all stages of application should be followed exactly, as specified by UNHCR. Each application requires documented proof of relevant background experience that is tailored to the position applied for. Once completed, this application packet should be submitted online as per the requirements specified in each job listing. Therefore, to view the available intern jobs, simply click the “Apply Here” button below and get started right away!

Last Date to Apply:

Application deadlines vary from one program to another.

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