University of Bristol Scholarships | 2023-2024 | Fully Funded

The University of Bristol Scholarships offers many opportunities for students seeking to gain a competitive advantage in their field. Whether you are looking to study a specific subject or explore new opportunities, there is a scholarship grant as well as bursaries waiting for you. Some of the latest Bristol University Scholarships include MSc Biomedical Science, Sports, International Office, Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, and many more. Most of the opportunities offered by this prestigious institution are fully-funded and available for all Indian as well as international students.

Whether you want to submit your application for the Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Ph.D., or MBA program, we would like to provide you with all the details that you may need. It is a world-renowned institution with world-class facilities and resources, including libraries, laboratories, and student services. Students here experience great academic challenges, social interaction, and cultural opportunities. They are also able to enjoy a supportive and caring community. From its location in beautiful England to its thriving student life, this university offers an amazing experience for students.

The University of Bristol Scholarships | Think Big | Global Accounting and Finance 

University of Bristol Scholarships

About the University of Bristol

The University of Bristol was founded in 1595 as Merchant Venturers School and is one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom. It has a student population of over 27,375 students and employs over 3,385 academic staff. It has a wide range of courses available, including law, medical sciences, business, engineering, and more. It also has a number of research centers and institutes across the UK. It is also affiliated with Russell Group, Coimbra Group, Worldwide Universities Network, Universities UK, PEGASUS, and many other organizations. It has consistently been ranked as one of the best universities in the world, with many graduates going on to successful careers. Some of the reasons behind the university’s popularity are its excellent facilities and its location in one of the most prosperous parts of the UK. Sir Paul Nurse is the Chancellor of Bristol University, whereas, Mr. Hugh Brady is the Vice-Chancellor.

Eligibility Criteria:

Scholarships for undergraduate students are available but you must be enrolled in an undergraduate program at the University of Bristol, excluding medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science. However, to apply for the Bristol University scholarships you must be enrolled in any one-year full-time master’s program at this university in order to apply for the postgraduate scholarships. Furthermore, you must enroll in the fall of 2022 and pay tuition as an overseas student. You cannot already be receiving any other financial assistance that exceeds your tuition and fees in addition to a Bristol scholarship.

Details of the Scholarship:

  • Country: England
  • University: University of Bristol
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Financial Status: Fully Funded / Varies on Programs
  • Academic Discipline: Master’s Degree / Undergraduate / Postgraduate / Ph.D.

Available Programs

  • Think Big Undergraduate scholarships
  • Global Accounting and Finance undergraduate scholarships
  • Think Big About Global Justice undergraduate scholarships
  • Global Economics undergraduate scholarships
  • Think Big undergraduate bursaries for sciences
  • School of Policy studies international undergraduate scholarships
  • Think Big About Global Justice postgraduate scholarships
  • Think Big Postgraduate scholarships
  • Future Leaders postgraduate scholarship
  • Global Accounting and Finance postgraduate scholarships
  • GREAT Ghana scholarship: for students from Ghana
  • GREAT Kenya scholarship: for students from Kenya
  • Global Economics postgraduate scholarships
  • Senathi Rajah memorial scholarship – for students from Sri Lanka
  • School of Policy Studies postgraduate international scholarships
  • GREAT Nigeria scholarship: for students from Nigeria
  • GREAT Pakistan scholarship: for students from Pakistan
  • GREAT Scholarships for Justice and Law: for students from China
  • Michael Wong Pakshong bursary
  • Phyllis Mary Morris bursaries
  • Think Big About Innovation scholarships
  • Think Big About Education scholarships

Why Study in England?

There are many reasons to study in England. The country is renowned for its world-class universities, which offer cutting-edge programs in a variety of disciplines. The English language is widely spoken, making it a less challenging environment than in some other countries for international students. Moreover, the country’s small size and diverse geography make it an ideal destination for students looking for hands-on experience in a variety of industries.

How to Apply for the University of Bristol Scholarships?

Applying for the University of Bristol Scholarships is very easy. All you need to do is fill out the online international scholarships application form by providing your ID details, email address, country of residence, nationality, the school you attended most recently, and the course or program you are applying for. Simply click on the “Apply Here” button below and choose the program for which you want to submit your application.

Last Date to Apply:

  • 28 March
  • 13 June

Apply Here

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