Vogue Internship 2023 Summer Program for High School Students

Are you a high school student seeking a thrilling summer opportunity in the world of fashion? If so, Look no further than the Vogue Internship program. With locations in Sydney, London, NYC, and Paris, and all across the world, this prestigious program offers an unparalleled work experience for aspiring fashion enthusiasts. You can now immerse yourself in the dynamic and glamorous realm of Vogue while gaining firsthand exposure to the industry’s complexities. Thus, it is imperative not to overlook this opportunity to establish invaluable connections and build an established groundwork for your forthcoming fashion profession. Be sure to elevate your passion for style and take the journey of a lifetime.

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Vogue Internship | Latest Remote Intern Jobs 2023

Vogue Internship

About Vogue

Vogue is a renowned fashion and lifestyle magazine that has become a global icon in the industry. With its captivating editorials, trendsetting content, and influential voice, the company continues to shape the world of fashion. Known for its exquisite photography, cutting-edge fashion coverage, and insightful articles, it offers readers an exclusive glimpse into the latest trends and industry developments. Vogue’s iconic covers and groundbreaking features have propelled it to the forefront of the fashion industry, making it a go-to source for style inspiration, industry insights, and trend forecasting. With its unparalleled influence and commitment to excellence, the company remains a trusted source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • High school students with a passion for fashion.
  • Minimum age requirement of 16 years.
  • Strong interest in editorial or fashion journalism.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proficiency in basic computer and digital tools.
  • Prior fashion or media experience is advantageous.
  • Submission of a portfolio or writing samples.
  • Availability for a specified internship duration.
  • Flexibility for occasional weekend or evening events.
  • Knowledge of current fashion trends and industry.
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills.
  • Fluency in English (additional languages may be a plus).
  • Adaptability to a fast-paced and dynamic work environment.
  • Genuine enthusiasm for the Vogue brand and its values.

Available Programs:

  • Magazine
  • Editorial
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Graphic Design
  • Finance

Details of the Internship:

Country: Worldwide
Company Type: Private
Academic Discipline: MBA / Undergraduate / Ph.D.

Vogue Internship Interview Questions:

During the Vogue internship interview, you can expect a range of questions that delve into your passion for fashion and suitability for intern jobs. The interviewers may explore your ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, collaborate in a team, and handle deadlines effectively. Expect questions that gauge your organizational skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, they may inquire about your long-term goals in the fashion industry and how the internship aligns with those aspirations. Be prepared to share examples that showcase your enthusiasm, adaptability, and ability to contribute to the Vogue brand.

How to apply for Vogue Internship?

To apply for the Vogue internship, you will need to follow a specific process. Start by clicking “Apply Here” and visiting the official website or the designated careers page. Identify the “internship” positions and read through the provided information carefully, including the eligibility criteria and requirements. Prepare all the necessary documents, which may include a resume, cover letter, and portfolio. Pay attention to any specific instructions, such as formatting or file type. Complete the online form, providing accurate and relevant information. Before you send in your application, double-check it for errors and omissions. You should also keep in mind the application due date and submit yours as soon as possible.

Last Date to Apply:

Depending on the position you wish to apply for, the application deadline may vary.

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